Episode 3

Published on:

15th Oct 2020

PodCraft #3 - Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

This week we welcome the fabulous Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald who introduces us to Modern Mending. Erin has become an amazing advocate for using creativity and talent to not only extend the life of beautiful garments but improve them throughout the process.

Erin from a young age has been interested in sewing and reinventing her own clothes which provided her with freedom and creativity. She has taken this skill and passion and written a book so you too can mend that jumper with a hole or jeans with a rip in a stylish way! Erin’s mending has been displayed in art exhibitions in Melbourne and Adelaide and she teaches workshops across Australia and online.

Erin Lewis Fitzgerald:

Website: https://www.erinlewisfitzgerald.com/

Modern Mending Store:  https://modernmending.com/

The book; Modern Mending : https://modernmending.com/collections/books

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erinlewisfitzgerald/?hl=en

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PodCraft is a series connecting you with Australia’s creative community. Hear the stories, inspiration and passion of some of the amazing personalities from throughout the community.

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About the Podcast

A series connecting you with the handmade community, with craft stories and inspiration from passionate members of the community.
PodCraft is a series connecting the handmade community. Hosted by Julia Zaetta, this is a collection of fun and inspirational stories from all different members of the craft community, discussing everything from what they love, to how they got here and where we are going as a community.