Episode 4

Published on:

29th Oct 2020

Podcraft #4 - Trevor Robertson

This week we have the pleasure of having the one and only Scissorman, Trevor Robertson, as our guest on episode 4 of PodCraft. Trevor is a personality well known and loved in the community for his expertise in Scissors, as well as more recently lighting and magnification as part of Daylightman.

Trevor shares with us the background and journey of how he has become one of the most well recognised businesses in the craft community, as well as some excellent tips and tricks choosing the right scissors for the right job, and caring for your scissors.

Special Offer:

A very special offer for this week’s PodCraft - you'll receive of FREE pair of scissoroos with any order over $50, all you need to do is listen to the episode and take note of where Trevor travelled to get the scissoroos made. To take advantage, in the NOTES section of the checkout, include PodCraft + (Location Trevor Travelled).

Scissorman Website: https://scissorman.com.au/

Daylightman Website: https://www.daylightman.com.au/

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PodCraft is a series connecting you with Australia’s creative community. Hear the stories, inspiration and passion of some of the amazing personalities from throughout the community.

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About the Podcast

A series connecting you with the handmade community, with craft stories and inspiration from passionate members of the community.
PodCraft is a series connecting the handmade community. Hosted by Julia Zaetta, this is a collection of fun and inspirational stories from all different members of the craft community, discussing everything from what they love, to how they got here and where we are going as a community.